Tournament Format:

This tournament will be double elimination single game format. In the winners bracket of course you play a single game. In the losers bracket it also is a single game format. 

For Example: If you lose in the winner’s bracket, you will then go to the loser’s bracket. If you lose a game in the loser’s bracket you are eliminated from the tournament.

We use ACO/ACL/ACA rules. The boards are 4ft long by 2ft wide. They are placed 27 ft apart from front to front. It is two person teams. One member of each team pitches (underhand only-no over hand throwing of the bag) from one Cornhole platform and the other member pitches from the other Cornhole platform. Both teammates have to be directly across from each other on the same side of the boards during the games. When pitching each team alternates pitching one bag at a time until all four bags are tossed. 


Before your game you will spin the wheel with the arrow on the score tower. If the arrow points your direction you’re the winning team that gets first pitch, color of bags as well as one of the options below: 

Option #1: Choose the lane assignments

Option #2: Choose their opponent to pitch against (head-to-head)

If option #1 is selected, the winners of the spinning arrow chooses their lane and takes their positions in the Pitcher’s boxes, then the opposing team chooses their own Pitcher’s boxes to determine head-to-head match-ups.

If option #2 is selected, the spinning arrow loser chooses their lane and takes their positions in the Pitcher’s boxes, then the spinning arrow winner will choose their own Pitcher’s boxes to determine head-to-head match-ups. In the Losers Bracket you will follow the same protocol.


If you are more than 10 minutes late getting on your boards then it will be a forfeit. Make sure that you are listening to the announcements at all times as well as paying attention to the bracket for your game announcement and what board you are playing on. The boards will be numbered. When your team name or is called to play you must get on the boards right away and start playing. You get one down and back practice round of 4 bags a person before each game and then you must start. Again the forfeit deadline is 10 minutes and we have to be very firm on this.


It is 3 points for a bag in the hole and 1 point for a bag on the board. It is cancellation scoring. The score for that frame is based off of what the team with the most points scored subtracted by the team with the least points. For Example: Team A scores 8 pts. and Team B scores 4 pts. That means Team A gets 4 pts that frame. 8-4=4. The team who scored in the previous frame shall pitch first in the next frame. If neither pitcher scores in that frame, the contestant who pitched first in the preceding frame shall pitch first in the next turn. It is first team to 21 points. It is NOT win by two or land right on 21. You can go over 21.